What does CWLJA publish?
We publish the best of multicultural poetry, fiction/non-fiction (criticism), essays, and book reviews.

Does CWLJA accept previously published works?
Yes, when you publish on CWLJA you retain your copyright. We also accept solicited and non solicited works.

Does CWLJA pay money?
No, not at this time. You receive publication.

How do I submit material to CWLJA?
Please address your work to Editors at the following email address:
poetsamhamod@gmail.comPlease allow us  time to read through your work. We read every submission.

What material can I submit to CWLJA?
You may submit 4 poems in the body of your email. No attachments please. Please do attach your photo in .jpeg or other image file.   Poems must be separated by titles. We prefer a cover letter with your contact information and short bio.

Fiction/Non-Fiction and Criticism 

 1. Word limit – 5,000

2. Font – Georgia 12

3. Double space

4. Number the pages

5. Send as a Word attachment

6. Name and email address on the first page.

7. Bio at the end of the story.

When can I submit my work to CWLJA?
We accept submissions year round. Please do not make multiple submissions and wait for our response before you send new work.

If you send original work in a language other than English, please send the English translation as well.

Please set your e-mail spam filter to allow or you will not receive a reply.

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