Gibran Among the Cedars by  Sam Hamod

Gibran Among the Cedars by Sam Hamod

Gibran among the Cedars

in the middle of the day,

walking among the cedars,

Gibran began to wonder

what it was he was to do,

why he was put on the earth,

he wondered as he wandered

the smell of the cedars lifting him slightly

above the clouds,

wherein he met himself,

he recognized that he understood

what it was we are to do,

what we are to speak of,

how we are to live or lives

then the two Gibran’s sat down,

they began to write

the one who wondered,

the one who was from above the clouds close to heaven

and as they wrote

music filled the branches of the cedars

and all the way down to Beirut,

and around the world,

people heard this heavenly music


wondering where it came from

© sam hamod, 9.9.14