Khalil Gibran's Sorrow      by    Sam Hamod

Khalil Gibran’s Sorrow by Sam Hamod

Khalil Gibran’s Sorrow    by  Sam Hamod

(for Palestine, Syria, Iraq and Leb’nan)

Gibran came to talk tonight,

asking why and how Syria

could be so easily attacked

with no one coming to its defense,

why the mother country

that leb’nan was a part of,

with the bazaar of Damascus

and Aleppo destroyed, all for the greed

and jealousy of westerners,

Israelis and other arabs,

what is it that makes them hate

the beauty and culture, nay

the whole history of arabs and Islam,

why is it that they felt good about destroying Iraq,

Baghdad, and all its glories, its antiquities,

and what of basra,

he hung his head low,

wondered what had happened

to the arabs

what had driven them mad

to participate in this unbearable madness,

this killing spree,

the ultimate sin,

to destroy your country

and its history

then he was silent,

he had no more  words

only shook his head,

kept shaking his head

as he walked away

© sam hamod, 7.4.14