Ramadan Comes    by    Sam  Hamod

Ramadan Comes by Sam Hamod

Ramadan Comes

Ramadan comes

this holiest of months,

this time

when each day is a blessing,

when from sun up to sun down

we draw close to Allah,

we ask his help,

and as we ask his help,

we feel in our hearts his love

and we expand our love

for our brothers and sisters

on the earth and those who have passed,

and we thank Allah for the earth

and all its bounties,

and for the fortunate lives we have,

and have had, but we must always remember

to share our love with others, not only

our human kin, but the animals, the plants,

the fish, the water, the air and all that Allah has given us

from the time of The Garden of Eden,

we must kneel then, to thank and praise Allah,

for without his love and grace,

none of this would have ever been,

nor would it ever continue to be

© sam hamod, 6.27.14