Welcome to the First Issue of Contemporary World Literature: Journal of the Arts

At Contemporary World Literature: Journal of the Arts, we believe that great literature is made up of high quality, diverse writing, from around the world. Too often our journals are restricted to one language or one culture. Our Journal is dedicated to the global publication of Poetry, Fiction, Literary Non-Fiction, Essays, Book Reviews and Literary Criticism. We welcome all of you, your writing and your diversity to CWLJA. This site is meant to be the best in the world, and only you can help us make it that.

If you write in a language that does not use English lettering, please send your material in your own language script with a translation into English.  In this way, the writing may be seen in your own language and script, with a translation for those who cannot read that language.

This site is for all of us who want writing that is alive and vibrant; not the kind of boring and tired writing that is so prevalent in so many alleged “literary journals” these days. 

The Editors