by Helene Pilibosian



Living with parents who were survivors of the Armenian Genocide, author Helene Pilibosian studies in Watertown schools and at Harvard’s Division of Continuing Education. She includes an ethnography of villages in historic Armenia and also describes the study of literature with Howard Mumford Jones and Paul Engle with scenes of Cambridge in the 1950s. Achieving a degree in humanities in 1960, she gets married and travels to Europe and the Middle East with her husband. Depression and health problems intrude with a cardiac arrest during a routine surgery. Dwight E. Harken, M.D., an outstanding thoracic surgeon, saves her life with the best medical skill available in 1963. Following theories of C.G. Jung leads her to a mystical experience, which fires her literary inspiration. She establishes Ohan Press.
Grady Harp, reviewer for, states “Helene Pilibosian is a true American Armenian: she wears the riches and the bruises of both descriptors well – and we are the better for her gifts. Recommendation: first read her poetry, then welcome her into your space as the person who rose to the height to write such poetry. She is an amazing artist.”

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Helene’s poetry has appeared in such magazines as The Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review, Louisiana Literature, The Hollins Critic, North American Review, Seattle Review, Ellipsis, Weber: The Contemporary West, Poetry Salzburg Review, Journal of the Society for Armenian Studies as well as many anthologies. She has published the books Carvings from an Heirloom: Oral History Poems, the Writer’s Digest award-winning At Quarter Past Reality: New and Selected Poems and History’s Twists: The Armenians (honorable mention). Her early work has been cited in the Greenwood Encyclopedia of Multiethnic American Literature.  Helene also holds a degree in humanities from Harvard University, and was an editor at an Armenian-American newspaper. She is currently head of Ohan Press, a private bilingual micropress which has published ten internationally recognized books of both prose and poetry, including her recent memoir My Literary Profile.