The Loss of Granada: Al-Hambra ; Al-Andalus, Spain; 1492

 Sam Hamod


 His mother said, “ Bu-Abdul,

do not cry to me,

you are not mine, nor

are you your father’s son, you,

I do not know who you are,

surrendering Al-Hambra, killing

off your cousins and your Muslim

brothers who had come to help

against the Spanish,”

and so it was

he lay down then, to cry, but

there were none to hear,

none to mourn his grief, none

who cared, even Allah

did not want to hear him, for he

had said he was “The Lion of Islam, the

Lion of Al-Andalus,” and when the time came

for him to roar, there was only



c: sam hamod  10.20.10

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